Foot Straps, Foot Pads On Kiteboard Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Fly Surfing Kite

Current Price: $ 51.00

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This selling item is one pair of foot straps and pads on kiteboard. If you order this item, we will ship you 4 pieces Metric ( M6 ) screws and 4 pieces Imperial (1/4”)screws to let you can set this foot straps and pads on any kiteboards. Our foot straps use the 'Fit-Block' pad connection system to make you easy to fit the straps and pads on the kiteboard. Our foot pads are probably the best heel protective cushioning on the market. Along with great comfort and reduced Heel & knee pressure – our foot pads absorb brilliantly, big boost landings if your timing is slightly out!!! Regarding the specification of our products, please see We ship this item to worldwide by EMS (Express Mail Service, 5 to 10 business days). The shipping cost for shipping this item to USA, Canada, Europe by EMS is USD 23. Shipping to Asia, Australia, New Zealand by EMS is USD 18. Shipping to Central South America and Africa by EMS is USD 30. If you live in USA or Canada, you can choose the cheaper shipping way( Economy shipping, 11 to 20 business days) . The shipping cost for shipping this item to USA, Canada by Economy shipping is USD 15. You can choose the shipping way via ebay after you ordering this item. Payment can be made through PAYPAL, Credit Card, Bank telegraphic transfer. By the way, the international buyers are fully responsible for their countries import tax that may apply. After you order this item, please tell me what price do you hope it showing on the shipping document of your parcel? If I do not get your email, I will say the value of this item is USD 30 on its shipping document. We offer 180 days guarantee for the quality of our products. During the warranty period, if the product fail under normal use due to improper workmanship or faulty materials. We will, without charge, repair the product or replace it with a comparable one or to back part or all the payment to our customers.

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